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If you forget the password for your Sui Wallet you can reset it using your 12-word recovery phrase. When you first open the wallet, you have no coins in it. You can add test SUI coins to your wallet using the faucet in Discord.

faucet wallet

You need to have $3 worth of Dash, Litecoin, or Dogecoin to make a withdrawal. If you want Bitcoin, Cointiply requires that you have crypto faucet at least $5 of BTC in your account. As devs, we were tired of all the faucet tweet verification and account sign-up nonsense.

Import an existing Sui Wallet

A crypto faucet is a web-based service that distributes free tokens to visitors. Testnet faucets are an essential part of blockchain testing, as testnet tokens https://xcritical.com/ act as non-monetary versions of mainnet tokens. For example, if your crypto faucet offers Dogecoin rewards, you’ll supply your public wallet address for DOGE.

The Sui network is still in development, and the tokens have no real value. These parallel XRP Ledger test networks provide platforms for testing changes to the XRP Ledger and software built on it, without using real funds. The coin provided should be used only for testing purposes. Also, we are not responsible for issues related to testnet/devnet coin. FirmaChain Faucet is a web service to obtain coins in testnet and devnet environments.

Install and Run

All balances and XRP on these networks are separate from Mainnet. As a precaution, do not use the Testnet or Devnet credentials on the Mainnet. And like that, your testnet ETH will arrive in your Argent X wallet. Shortly after, you will receive some testnet ETH for Ethereum. Please export your Solana accounts to another wallet. Open Coinbase Wallet and log in to your account.

faucet wallet

Besides, Bitcoin faucets are one of the most utilized and popular forms of faucets. It was first created in 2010, by Gavin Andersen, and in the early phases, Bitcoin faucets were valued at about 5 BTC. Use powerful cross-chain data APIs for NFTs, tokens, balances, DeFi and more. Follow the guidance on the site to connect your wallet.

How to earn crypto rewards

Offering one claim every 24 hours, the Paradigm Faucet services the Goerli, Optimism Goerli, Polygon Mumbai, Arbitrum Rinkeby and Moonbase Alpha testnets. In order to collect tokens from the Paradigm Faucet, users must connect a one month old twitter account. This measure was implemented to discourage botters from draining the faucet.

To use the new account, select it from the drop-down list on the Coins tab, or select the address to use when you connect the wallet to a site or app. Under Create Password, enter a password for this account address. It applies only to this installation in this browser.

Coinbase Wallet​

The Optimism Goerli Testnet Faucet gives developers ETH and DAI tokens for testnet dApps. An Ethereum testnet for solidity smart contract testing with faucet ETH for gas. Before signing up for a crypto faucet site, you must do plenty of research on the platform. Does it have a good reputation in the crypto industry?

  • Supercharge your projects with this official Avalanche faucet!
  • You can easily disconnect your wallet from a connected app.
  • Navigate to Testnet faucets to view a list of available testnet faucets.
  • You can also access the faucet through the TS-SDK.

Requests to Coinbase Wallet testnet faucets are limited to once every 24 hours. Navigate to Testnet faucets to view a list of available testnet faucets. If you choose other blockchains, you will be redirected to the website to claim the token. Then complete the requirements and fill in your address to receive it. The Paradigm Faucet airdrops tokens and NFTs to developers across 5 common testnet networks.


Now you need to move your testnet ETH from Ethereum to StarkNet. We call this bridging as you’re sending crypto from one network to another. The next step is to get some for Ethereum from a faucet. A faucet sends testnet ETH to your Ethereum address for free. QuickNode Faucet is an easy to use Multi-Chain Faucet. You can use QuickNode Faucet to claim Base Goerli testnet ETH for free – one drip per network every 12 hours.

Why do I need Metamask and Argent X?

Always remember to triple-check that the crypto faucet you’re using has a long track record and a solid reputation in the crypto community. A testnet is a sandbox environment, and testnet tokens allow you to simulate mainnet tokens. Balance API Native balance and token balances for user wallets.

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