Korean language Marriage Customs

Korean wedding party traditions really are a mixture of traditional and modern day.

Historically, a Korean marriage ceremony was similar to a relationship with vietnamese woman community function where dating an korean woman family members and villagers obtained together to signify the couple’s matrimony. The wedding wedding ceremony was generally held in a period of time, while a marriage reception, named http://communication.iresearchnet.com/interpersonal-communication/long-distance-relationships/ Pyebaek, took place subsequently that evening.

The wedding stand is a very important portion of the wedding and traditionally, the bride and groom are seated on opposite side panels of the table. Their very own attendants distributed a rug for each side and they wash all their hands to symbolize cleanse themselves prior to the ceremony.

2 . Gyo-bae-rye means “facing and bowing. ” The couple ribbon to each other 2 times and then for their parents. They also bow to each other again just before they walk toward their future other half.

3. Hap-geun-rye is the couple’s wedding promise. This involves the couple writing a special wine beverage, jung jong, that is poured into a gourd grown by the bride’s mother.

4. Jeon-an-rye is the gifting of a wooden duck for the bride’s long run mother-in-law by the groom in this ceremony. The marriage duck is given as a commitment symbol to the bride’s spouse and children.

5. Funds products are very common in Korean weddings. Friends give their money towards the bride and groom ahead of they your ceremony, usually at two tables which might be designated for the bride and groom’s respective young families.


These kinds of gifts vary from a box filled up with valuable what to blue and red fabrics and a piece of relationship paper. These items are placed within a box, or hahn, which the groom chooses his closest friends to take to the bride’s family.

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